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All products available only to our UK customers
All products available only to our UK customers

Bath Bomb Suppliers

Why’s it worth building a relationship with bath bomb suppliers?

We can help you engineer an immersive experience in your store.

Here at Bath, Bubble & Beyond, our selection of fun, fragrant and colourful products are easy to obtain and quick to sell for you, the retailer. They’re a pleasure for all your customers and offer endless enjoyment. Yet, that’s not the ONLY reason bath bomb suppliers appeal to customers. There’s a rather sneaky reason that many tend to overlook – but it’s there and often staring you right in the face. To explain this, we’ll point you in the direction of the world renowned House of Mouse – Disney.

The Walt Disney World Resort’s sublime attention to detail makes it’s parks so memorable.

Disney Imagineers have engineered an immersive experience for guests that appeals to ALL their senses. They’ve managed to make guests truly believe they are exploring a galaxy far, far, away, or rumbling through an animal reserve in Africa . . . but how? They do so by utilising scents. Unique scents TRIGGER certain emotions and feelings, and Disney is well known for using scents as an Imagineering detail. It helps guests connect to the ride and the parks as an overall experience. After all, don’t you just LOVE the smell(s) present in the park? You know what we mean.

The scents at the Walt Disney World Resort make you smile or wrinkle your nose whenever you encounter them.


You step into Main Street, USA and *POOF*. You smell something so wonderful that your mouth starts to water . . . but what is it? What could smell this delicious? There are plenty of stores around, but the first kiosk you pass ALWAYS sells hot buttered popcorn. Freshly oil popped, melt in your mouth with a rich buttery scent that delights the senses . . .

Yet, in addition to the natural scent of popcorn wafting from wherever it’s popped, popcorn aroma is ALSO pumped into Main Street. The reason?

Scents are an excellent method of association. Sure, its buttery, salty scent makes your mouth water – but you can get it just about anywhere, right? Right. But if you smell GOOD popcorn, chances are it’ll still stir up fond memories of visits to a Disney park. Now, remember EVERYTHING Main Street has to offer. Popcorn carts, a little cookie from the bakery and a hint of cotton candy – what’s stopping this from being YOUR store? With a bit of help from bath bomb suppliers, not much, and we’ll explain how you can do it below.

Buy bath bombs in bulk for these benefits

Take a soak and take advantage of the essential oils to de-stress

Lets you take control of your time and your thoughts in privacy

Essential oils and salts offer the ultimate home spa experience

Bath bombs are good for the environment, handmade and fun

Emollients and softeners help moisturise and indulge your skin

Here’s how bath bomb suppliers can help you build an immersive environment

Scents are a subtler form of marketing where you don’t know you’re being marketed to.

The next time you step into a hotel, store, or a large concert venue – you name it – and take a big sniff. Chances are you’ll smell some carefully concocted scent. One that’s there for one essential purpose. To encourage you to linger longer and return more often. Now, we know what you’re thinking – how? Well, most of the more prominent places utilise the goods of ScentAir. Founded by a Walt Disney Imagineer, ScentAir centres around a subtler form of marketing wherein you don’t know you’re even being marketed to. If you’re a small retailer, however, there’s nothing stopping you from siding with local bath bomb suppliers. In the long run, this won’t prove as costly for your business as their scented products aren’t behind-the-scenes contraptions but are part of your stock.

Bath bomb suppliers can help you create an immersive environment that engages your customer’s sight, scent and touch.

In addition to imbuing your store with a range of fragrances, it also functions as a colourful visual decoration. You can immerse visitors by bringing bath bomb suppliers into the mix and engaging all their senses. Doing so can help them forget about the troubles of the outer world and just enjoy themselves – in your store. However, we’re focusing on scent in this article and believe that scent is a memory enhancer. Smells create a brand association subtler than any jingle or logo, but bath bomb suppliers will tell you it’s just as strong. Smells are a direct line to your recall system. One month after seeing something, we might have a 40% recall. Yet, with smell, that’ll shoot up to 60% for months afterwards. Smell helps transport you to places and happy moments. So, if you can build that association with your business? Well, you’re in business, folks.

Enhance your store, communicate your brand and build memories courtesy of bath bomb suppliers.

Sound familiar?

Generally speaking, there are TWO kinds of baths. The first is functional – no matter our age, we ALL need to clean ourselves. The second is sensational – we clamour for experiences. Yet, nobody is perfect – literally.

No matter your body type, we all face layers of coarse, rough skin. So, why should we have to choose between cleanliness or pampering? Unwinding at the end of a long day with a bath instead of a rushed shower is ALWAYS a great idea!

So you choose us as bath bomb suppliers and then – once lathered up with bathwater – the bombs will discharge emollients that loosen damaged layers of skin. Basking in a tub full of these hydrating oils will leave you feeling soft, supple and silky smooth.

What makes us the best bath bomb suppliers in town?

Make your range stand out with our unique cocktail fizzers.

Nothing beats relaxing in a warm bath with a bath bomb. Despite their incendiary name, these hard-packed mixtures create a calming experience. When held under running water or left to soak, they dissolve and add scent, essential oils, bubbles, or colour to your bathwater. Although most bath bombs are round balls, bath bomb suppliers make them in different shapes and sizes – such as doughnuts, dinosaurs and robots.

These fragrant products are often made with natural ingredients and offer detoxifying or immune-boosting benefits.

With vibrancy and intense aromas, altering baths into beautiful havens has exploded in popularity. That’s why we provide bath bombs for every occasion – whether it’s playtime for the kids or a little R’n’R for yourself, know this. As your local bath bomb suppliers, Bath, Bubble & Beyond has everything you could ever need at an affordable price. While we stipulate that our products are bought in bulk, it works firmly in your favour. Lastly, remember this: the more scented goods you stock, the more folk will come to adore your store!

Our bestselling bath bombs

Allo-saurus Dinosaur Bath Fizzer


Have fun with our fun-tastic dinosaur fizzer. Watch him disappear as he dissolves into the bathtub!

Egg-o-saurous Novelty Egg Bath Fizzers


Bath time is more egg-citing with these bath eggs. Packaging is plastic-free and totally recyclable!

Roar-some Bath Marbles


Liven up bath time with our new fun-tastic fragrance bath marbles. Roar-ingly good fun!

Get in touch with the best bath bomb suppliers in town and captivate your customers

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We’re not ones to water things down at Bath, Bubble & Beyond, so we’ll just say it how it is. We’re a wholesaler hell-bent on building a fair and sustainable bathing experience. There, we said it. We believe our fantastic selection of fizzy, fragrant and fun products should be easy to obtain – and quick to sell – for you, the retailer.

So why not go with the flow, contact bath bomb suppliers and stock your store with everything your customers need to relax and unwind.

Based in Poole, Dorset, we specialise in creating and manufacturing Soap, Shampoo Bars, Bath Bombs and more. Our assortment of wholesale bath and body products uses the finest ingredients – all made by us in the UK. This way, we can ensure that our products are free from animal testing (it’s not valid or even necessary) and won’t be awash with any slippery price tags. Your feedback is always warmly welcomed by our team. If you would like to talk to us about any requirements or have any burning questions about our products and services, we would love to hear from you.

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