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All products available only to our UK customers

Bath Marbles Mixology

5 Fragrance Combinations For Truly Tailored Soaks

by | Nov 30, 2022

Settling in to a good evening soak requires 3 things: a good book or video, your favourite scented candle, and a handful of bath marbles. The combination of these self-love tools will help lift your mood, mitigate stress, and set you up for the next portion of your day/evening.

Studies continue to examine the effects of fragrance on our mood and physiology. Chamomile and lavender will help promote a good nights sleep, citrus and mint will refresh and reinvigorate and watermelon or tropical fruit will give you that ‘first night on holiday’ feeling.

For many of your customers, new and exciting fragrances / colour combinations helps keep the self-care routine from becoming stale. It’s your oppurtunity as a business owner to help them create new bath bomb experiences using a combination of scents. And our miniature bath marbles are up for the task.

We’ve been ‘product testing’ (we know – taking a bath doesn’t really feel like work, does it?) our bath marble range to find our favourite bath time cocktails. So here are 5 complimentary fragrance combinations to help ‘biohack’ your mood.

Fusion 1 – Wild Lavender & Jasmine

First up, a floral fusion of relaxing wild lavender and spritzy jasmine. Jasmine is an opulent white flower that is known to promote romanticism and optimism. Combining this with the relaxing properties of wild lavender and you have a tailored lovers bath cocktail perfect for some date night exploration.

Wild lavender and jasmine bath marbles

Fusion 2 – Raspberry & Blueberry

Nothing quite beats a fresh fruit bowl when the sun begins to shine right? This berry infusion will whisk you away to far-away forests, distancing yourself from the stresses of the work day. Forest fruits are sweet and playful, perfect for kickstarting your weekend.

Raspberry and blueberry bath marbles

Fusion 3 – Seakay & Tropical Mango

Inspired by a world-renowned fine fragrance, our Seakay bath marbles have spicy citrus notes of nutmeg, cardomom and bergamot. Combine with our tropical mango bath marbles for an exotic scent reminiscent of a mango margarita. Bring a slice of the carribean beachfront to your bathroom.

seakay and tropical mango bath marbles

Fusion 4 – Coconut & Tropical Mango

Coconut tags in for Seakay in another exotic rendition that draws less on the spice and more on the sweet. Coconut has a relaxing silky scent, and combined with the more lively tropical mango will inspire motivation for the day ahead. Perfect for your moisturising morning bath.

coconut and tropical mango bath marbles

Fusion 5 – Golden Moments & Lemon

The golden moments bath marbles are again inspired by a world-renowned perfume with lavish notes of Jasmine, Rose and citrus. Comliment this blend with our lemon bath marbles for a reinvigorating boost of zest to kickstart your morning.

golden moments and lemon bath marbles

The mix-and-match nature of our bath marbles present a variety of merchandising options for your business. Now available in branded packaging ready for sale or in 1kg bags for your own pick and mix offers.

Offering your customers new ways to creat tailored scents is what will help set you apart from the competition. Got a hunch about a luxurious scent combo? Run a bath and give it a try. If you love it, your customers will too.

Feel free to use this blog to inspire your own branded bath bomb content – the idea of unique scents created at home will scratch the DIY itch that customers are experiencing more post-covid, while helping your brand cut through the noise.

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