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All products available only to our UK customers
All products available only to our UK customers

Bath Salts Wholesale

Here’s why our wholesale bath salts will rejuvenate your bathing experience

Create the ULTIMATE level of self-care in the comfort of your own home.

If your customer has pulled a muscle in the gym, or their skin won’t stop itchin’, or their arthritis is acting up, don’t worry – just stock wholesale bath salts. No, not the turn-you-into-a-zombie OR sprinkle-on-your-chips-kind. We’re talking the bathing-kind – y’know – the one that’ll help your customers unwind . . . wait, what?! You’ve NEVER heard of adding bath salts to your bathing routine?

Oh, honey.

For the uninitiated, we’re about to REINVIGORATE your bathing experience. No more faux comfort. No more doing your best to recreate a spa-like experience. We’re going to show you how to create the ULTIMATE level of self-care right there in the very comfort of your own home.

It’s time to experience the naturally occurring healing properties that salt offers us fine folk.

We’re talking antiseptic, detoxifying and cleansing properties – good, solid and hearty properties. Although that’s not to say it’s not good for anything OTHER than helping exfoliate, hydrate and purify your skin. For CENTURIES, salt minerals have helped achieve the opposite for food, such as preserving and locking in its moisture.

But obviously, you don’t plan on cooking yourself (so, maybe crank down the temperature?)

Submerging yourself into a bath filled with warm water and our wholesale bath salts is a great way of rejuvenating your mind and muscles. The trace minerals found in salts are FUNDAMENTAL for our health. Better yet, it’s believed it can actually be SUCKED into the bloodstream during a warm bath – helping balance out your entire body. So, whether your customers are after silkier skin, a decent sleep, or a little detoxification – stock our wholesale bath salts.

The health benefits of our wholesale bath salts

Ease muscle pain and stiffness

Pacify stiff and aching joints

Mollify anxiety and stress

Soothe dry and itchy skin

Placate any circulation problems

How do customers make use of our wholesale bath salts?

We’re glad you asked because it’s more than just your average soak!

The GREAT thing about wholesale bath salts is their simplicity. After all, you need simply sprinkle them into the water and – bada bing bada boom – you have a straightforward soak to look forward to. Okay, maybe straightforward isn’t the right word. Especially given the THREE distinct ways your customers might use them during their downtime.

So read on to find out the three most popular uses for wholesale bath salts.


We thought we’d start with the most obvious.

The clues in the name, right? Wholesale BATH salts? This is the way most bathers enjoy them – and it’s possibly the BEST way to benefit from them. In theory, bath salts are ABSORBED through your skin, so a good, submerging soak means you won’t overlook anywhere. Assist your sleep with aromatherapy and some mild exfoliating and skin-softening benefits too!

How to use:

Sprinkle x1 cup of our wholesale bath salts into a warm bath. Once the salts have dissolved, hop on in and soak in the tub for about 20 minutes (no one wants to get TOO pruney!)


Don’t like taking things when you’re sitting down?

Okay, if you don’t have as much time for a deep and relaxing soak, a good ol’ shower is the next best thing. FYI, bath salts are ABRASIVE. We recommend NOT using them on the face and using them only as a gentle body scrub if need be. If using this way, combine them with a drizzle of body oil – like almond or coconut – and scrub those trouble spots.

How to use:

Sprinkle x1/2 cup of our wholesome bath salts on the FLOOR of your shower. Once the hot water and steam intermingle, it’ll dissolve the salts and incite your own personal sauna!


Have time to put your feet up? Submerge them instead.

This one is for those lazy days when you’ve got time to be – well – lazy, really. Customers will need a basin of some sort and the tenacity to leave a bowl full of water in the living room or wherever . . . we recommend having towels on standby! This is great for exfoliating your feet and ridding yourself of any accumulation of dead skin.

How to use:

Sprinkle 1/4-1/2 cup of our wholesale bath salts in warm water. Once the salts have dissolved, soak your feet and relax in your very own DIY home pedicure set-up.

Here’s how wholesale bath salts might help your customers

Between work and the school run, not everyone has time for that daily meditation or yoga class. But depriving yourself of quality me-time can lead to SERIOUS burnout.

So what do you recommend your customers do? Suggest they carry on as normal and PRAY they don’t keel over? Or do you stock our wholesale bath salts?

Our wholesale salt baths help transdermally replenish the blood magnesium levels. This helps soothe muscles, alleviate headaches, and calm tense joints and muscles.

What’s so special about our wholesale bath salts

They’re used for EVERYTHING – from stress relief to aches and pains.

Long used as an easy and inexpensive way to treat mental and physical ailments, our wholesale bath salts are ALWAYS in high demand. So-called because of their chemical structure, our wholesale bath salts have also been regarded as Epsom salts. Yet this is more colloquial, as the “Epsom” part is a location in England where magnesium sulphate is sourced from natural springs. Our wholesale bath salts on the other hand are unique in that they are NOT made from these chemicals but straight-up sodium chloride. When coupled with the addition of essential oils, colouring and perfumes, bath salts RELAX and SOFTENS your skin in a fun and friendly way.

Wholesale bath salts combine the benefits of effervescence with essential oil aromatherapy – helping relax your mind and muscles.

The beauty of our wholesale bath salts is that you can simply add a scoop to your bath, shower, foot soak, or more. No matter where they end up, they dissolve and offer the user some great skin benefits, such as a softening and gently exfoliating scrub. Wholesale bath salts ENHANCE our client’s bath experience and make them as relaxing and comforting as possible. Truth be told, the health benefits are a welcome bonus! With plenty of us having swapped our ergonomic chairs for the kitchen chair, many of us are suffering from muscle pain and stiffness from not. Whether it be from poor posture or excessive time spent gripping that computer mouse. Wholesale bath salts are a remedy to these ailments and more.

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We’re not ones to water things down at Bath, Bubble & Beyond, so we’ll just say it how it is. We’re a wholesaler hell-bent on building a fair and sustainable bathing experience. There, we said it. We believe our fantastic selection of fizzy, fragrant and fun products should be easy to obtain – and quick to sell – for you, the retailer.

So why not go with the flow and stock your store with all the wholesale bath salts your customers will ever need to relax and unwind?

Based in Poole, Dorset, we specialise in creating and manufacturing Soap, Shampoo Bars, Bath Bombs and more. Our assortment of wholesale bath and body products uses the finest ingredients – all made by us in the UK. This way, we can ensure that our products are free from animal testing (it’s not valid or even necessary) and won’t be awash with any slippery price tags. Your feedback is always warmly welcomed by our team. If you would like to talk to us about any requirements or have any burning questions about our products and services, we would love to hear from you.

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Our phone lines are open Mon – Fri (9am-5pm)


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