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All products available only to our UK customers

Creating The Ideal Soak

Bath Content Inspiration for Your Cosmetics Business

by | Nov 30, 2022

‘Bathscaping’ is the latest Tiktok trend to take over the internet. It’s the next iteration of the popular ‘tablescaping’ trend that we’ve seen in previous years. Bathscaping sees your favourite internet personalities curate dreamy bath time settings with indulgent colours, fragrances and self-care items. The na

me of the game is idyllic, ‘instagrammable’ spaces. Think glasses of red wine, artisanal wood-wick candles, swirls of scented bath foam and a good book.

Covid and the lockdown has changed the way we think about self care, with more and more consumers willing to spend to achieve the perfect look. We’ve gathered a few helpful tips for some bath content inspiration,  featuring some relatively inexpensive products for you to create your own ‘soak-sational’ bathroom sanctuary.

Bath Bombs Are Unmatched

We’re starting to see many weird and wonderful iterations of the timeless bath bomb as companies refine and expand on their recipes. A fizzy base is combined with exotic essential oils, new in-trend fragrances and even decorative petals and flowers to achieve styled and consistent aesthetics.

And no longer do we have to settle for the bulky ‘bomb’ shape fizzers, as companies are experimenting with different shapes and toolings to achieve some funky new renditions. Our Bath Marbles are perfect for mix and matching, and combining your favourite 2 or 3 scents can create a truly personal bath time experience.

Our favourite combo is passionfruit and tropical mango. Its like slipping into a giant warm cocktail on your favourite sun-kissed beach. Perfect.

Wood Wick Candles

Although your Instagram followers won’t be able to appreciate the sound of a crackling wood wick candle in your image, it does wonders for your own sense of relaxation and comfort. Try and pick out a fragrance that compliments your scented bath products. We’ve found that ocean breeze pairs well with our favourite bath marble combo. Turn out the lights and let the candle’s warm glow illuminate a good novel.

Don’t forget, as a business owner your customers will be looking to you for their own bath content inspiration. If you stock the bathscaping products that you use, evangelist customers will look to you to help facilitate their nightly soak.

Keep Your Finger On The Social Pulse

Social media is full to the brim with inspirational photos and videos with which you can plan your content. Currently, #bathscaping has over 33 million hits on TikTok – its obviously content that people are excited to view. Once you’ve stocked up on great products, its time for you to show your customer new and exciting ways to use them.

Being part of the bathscape community, your Instagram and other social media feeds will be packed with dynamic new ideas for dreamy bathroom settings. Follow some of the biggest names in the community and use them to recreate your own iterations that fit with your brand theme.

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