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All products available only to our UK customers
All products available only to our UK customers

Bulk Buy Bath Bombs

Why should you bulk buy bath bombs?

There are HUGE business benefits of buying products in Bulk or Wholesale

Whether you’re a national or small-scale retail business, we all have something in common – and that’s to save money every day. After all, running a business is all about reducing overhead costs – and the best way to do this? Well, it’s to bulk buy bath bombs.

No, why are you laughing? We’re serious.

Well, not so much about the bath bombs – they’re just the example – but bulk buying reduces the cost per bath bomb and how much you pay in the long run. Bulk buying is far more reasonable than paying retail prices and allows you to purchase HUGE numbers of bath bombs at a fraction of the going rate. This can ease any strain on your pocket and help you plan for any seasonal demands.

What’s more, you keep your customers happy as they enjoy consistent access to bath bombs.

Consistency equals stability folks, and your business can’t have stability without inventory management. For this reason, bulk buying bath bombs makes a whole lot of sense. For you and the planet? That’s right! Shopping in bulk helps you become a more sustainable retail shopper and adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. So, whether you are looking to bulk buy bath bombs, shampoo bars, soap or any other cosmetics, save time, money, and hassle at Bath, Bubble & Beyond. Hundreds of businesses have already found that we’re more affordable than their other suppliers.

The 3 benefits of bulk buying bath bombs

(Yeah, we’re explaining this with bath bombs, folks.)

Avoid the risk of selling out (of those bath bombs)

Consistent high-quality = quality customer retention

Having the products you (and your customers) need on time is critical to a business’s success. In this world of supply and demand, if YOU can’t offer a particular product to a client, THEY will simply go elsewhere. Yet, when you bulk buy bath bombs, you keep ahead of the competition and stay on top of seasonal demands. Better still, buyers needn’t worry about the quality of bath bombs, as the entire order is produced and delivered at the same time and place. So, if you successfully manage your inventory, you don’t run the risk of running into angry customers or having to tell them to wait for the next order. When a client stumbles upon a product they love – and you sell – you’ll have a hard time getting rid of them. Unless, of course, you failed in your role as a supplier (so bulk buy bath bombs – that’s the lesson here, folks)!

Go green by bulk buying bath bombs

Unleash the eco-friendly warrior (and publicist).

Manufacturing clears out forests, contaminates our water and expels HUGE amounts of CO2 into our atmosphere. Yeah, it’s not good – but the way the world manufactures its goods is getting better. Buying in bulk uses CONSIDERABLY less packaging than smaller purchases. Thanks to this, costs PLUMMET and fewer packaging is used, filled and shipped. Thanks to densely packed transportation, fewer miles are travelled, less fuel is used, and less pollution is emitted into the air. Plus, seeing as green is a BIG selling point for many businesses – it’s a win for your propriety and a win for your planet too!

Pass those cost-effective savings onto your customers

Customers are far more like businesses than we give them credit.

Think about it; just as businesses need to profit, EVERY customer wants a bargain. So much so that some treat it like a game. Therefore, if your prices are lower than your competitors, you should find your sales increase. Now, should is a bit of a woolly term . . . After all, if you drop your prices, you might earn more sales – but you won’t necessarily profit. And that right there is the BIGGEST benefit of bulk buying bath bombs – the profit.

See, when you bulk buy bath bombs, your business is in a position to NEGOTIATE more profitable deals that BOOST your business margins.

It might be the difference of a few pennies, BUT bulk bought bath bombs sell like hotcakes (pardon the pun), so those pennies will stack up quite quickly. Therefore, you effectively get MORE for your money as you buy bombs at a reduced rate and resell them at a price that affords you the highest profit. In doing this, you can pass on the savings from your bulk bought bath bombs and attract MORE customers, meaning MORE sales. Now, you needn’t pass on ALL your savings – just enough to have that slight edge over your competitors. Plus, it beats buying smaller amounts more frequently!

Get in contact to bulk buy bath bombs and captivate your customers

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We’re not ones to water things down at Bath, Bubble & Beyond, so we’ll just say it how it is. We’re a wholesaler hell-bent on building a fair and sustainable bathing experience. There, we said it. We believe our fantastic selection of fizzy, fragrant and fun products should be easy to obtain – and quick to sell – for you, the retailer.

So why not go with the flow and stock your store with all the bulk bought bath bombs your customers will ever need to relax and unwind?

Based in Poole, Dorset, we specialise in creating and manufacturing Soap, Shampoo Bars, Bath Bombs and more. Our assortment of wholesale bath and body products uses the finest ingredients – all made by us in the UK. This way, we can ensure that our products are free from animal testing (it’s not valid or even necessary) and won’t be awash with any slippery price tags. Your feedback is always warmly welcomed by our team. If you would like to talk to us about any requirements or have any burning questions about our products and services, we would love to hear from you.

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