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All products available only to our UK customers
All products available only to our UK customers

Buy Shampoo in Bulk

Here’s why you should buy shampoo in bulk at Bath, Bubble & Beyond

Quality aligned with prices like ours? It’s UNBEATABLE.

Looking for the perfect shampoo for your clients? If so, then look no further. Bath, Bubble & Beyond is a wholesaler catering to retailers and small businesses looking to buy shampoo in bulk. Our commitment to customers improves their choice, available prices and service to provide YOU with real value for money.

Help your customers stay clean and fresh with our great selection of wholesale shampoo.

There’s no need to run out of your favourite shampoo when you can buy shampoo in bulk with our fantastic deals. We provide our customers with clear and transparent pricing, where the price displayed is the price you pay. We continue to lock down and lower prices across a plethora of products to ensure we offer great everyday value. The expertise of our staff and our service is fantastic (not to toot our own horn) but quality aligned with the prices like ours? It’s UNBEATABLE. Our sales team is always on hand to visit new businesses and existing customers to offer help and support to ensure that you maximise your profits.

You don’t even need to leave your business to buy shampoo in bulk from Bath, Bubble & Beyond. You simply order it online, and we’ll send it over to you or your shop.

The benefits of buying shampoo in bulk

No harmful chemicals

Save yourself money

Enriched with botanical oils

Exfoliate your hair and scalp

Environmentally friendly

Our 3 TOP TIPS for those wanting to buy shampoo in bulk

From avoiding pershing products to impulsive control, we’re telling all.

Buying shampoo in bulk can be a GREAT thing. It can really save your family, friends and colleagues a lot of trouble — IF you do it right. To help you, we’re willing to impart a few tips that have helped us save money, save space and just kind of save time. How? The most obvious reason is that when you buy shampoo in bulk, you DON’T have to keep buying the same thing over and over again! However, have a read of these tips and make up your own mind . . .

#1 | Shampoo won’t perish (nor will your profits)

When buying in bulk, we recommend avoiding perishables – like food – UNLESS you’re a retailer and can shift it to make a profit. We know people who’ve learned the hard way on this one. Buying food in bulk is tricky and can burn you out. Whenever purchasing anything perishable, ensure it can be frozen or has a long shelf life. For this reason, the best things to bulk buy are things like paper, detergents – you know, that sort of stuff. Basically, things that are NOT food-related as you risk wastage. So stick to toilet paper, paper towels, and dishwasher tablets. Buy shampoo in bulk as it’s easier to store, and it’s something that we all use a LOT.

#2 | Check yourself before your wreck yourself
For those who want to buy shampoo in bulk, listen up – this is our top tip . . . check the unit price. Before buying anything in bulk or on a monthly basis, you should keep abreast of the price. If you get a pack of shampoo at a supermarket for £15 and it’s got six bottles, how much are you paying per bottle? Instead, you could be hopping onto somewhere like Bath Bubble & Beyond to buy shampoo in bulk and receive NINE bottles for the same price. No matter what you buy, divide the cost by the number of units – or shampoo bottles – to see how much you’re paying per unit. Figure out how much you’re paying per unit and if it’s less than if you were to buy shampoo in bulk. If so, then that’s a good deal. Stock up on any smaller units whilst you can because deals like that WON’T LAST. Consumers might THINK they’re saving money by buying cases of something in store. Yet, in reality, they’re often not – simply because they neglect to account for the price per unit.
#3 | It might defeat the purpose but plan for impulsive bulk buying
For those who want to buy shampoo in bulk, we say this: have a plan. Don’t go crazy when buying anything, especially if you don’t necessarily know if you have a use for it. Similarly, you might LOVE a particular product and splurge big time, only to find you’re lacking the space to store it. So, if you still want to buy shampoo in bulk, ensure you know WHERE you’ll store the items and how often you’ll be going through them. This way – if you do spy a great bargain – you have a plan for what to do when you get home with this big’old stock of shampoo, and you’re NOT buying it on impulse. Avoid the “I need it, I need it, I need it” impulse because the chances are you DON’T! But the chances are, you went ahead and bought it anyway. And now you have to store this honking great big box, and it’s all because you lack control and love a bargain and . . . oh. who are we kidding, we’ve all been there. But take it from us: impulsive “bargain hunting” is counter-intuitive if not factored into your grocery budget.

Sound familiar? Buy shampoo in bulk!

Have you ever faced angry or panicked customers whenever a particular product like shampoo has sold out and you’re STILL waiting on new stock?

Depending on what type of products you stock, busy periods – such as Christmas or Halloween – can really bring your business to your knees.

Yet if you were to consistently buy shampoo in bulk your business would be more prepared and benefit from always staying one step ahead.

What is bulk purchasing and what good does it do to buy shampoo in bulk?

Satisfy your demands at a lower total cost by acquiring MORE value per British Pound!

Bulk purchasing is the purchase of much larger quantities than the usual unit price. So, if your business were to buy shampoo in bulk, it’ll cost less than typical wholesaler rates if bought in bigger quantities. A wholesaler usually represents a factory where goods are produced. The factory owners can use economies of scale to increase profit as each quantity sold will soar. Yet, to achieve this, they rely on retailers. Retailers buy shampoo in bulk from a wholesale market to sell them in small quantities at higher prices to consumers. Wholesalers will accept a slightly lower sales price for each unit if the retailer agrees to buy a much greater sum of units. This way, the wholesaler can maximise profits – and so too can YOU, the retailer . . .

Part of this profit is justified by logistics, as retailers like yourself are accessible.

The KEY attraction of the retailer is its convenience to consumers. They are the conduit that DELIVERS a range of products to the same consumer – week in, week out. Given this continuous service, retailers can afford to buy shampoo in bulk and divide them into smaller units for multiple transactions. This way, they profit from small parties of regular consumers and – in much the same way as a wholesaler does – can also benefit from economy of scale. Yet, the rise of the internet has put power into the hands of the people. Should they want to, consumers can now just as easily bulk buy shampoo and ALSO benefit from the economy of scale. That’s right – the consumer can just as easily follow in the footsteps of the wholesaler and retailer. They can pay a lower price per unit in exchange for purchasing much larger quantities. This allows a consumer to satisfy more of his or her demands at a lower total cost by acquiring MORE value per British Pound spent.

Consumer demand for savings via bulk purchases has led to the success of big-box stores – something YOU can use to your advantage!

Bring your bath to life with our bestsellers

Double Bath Fizzers

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Soap Bars

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Double Bath Creamers

More than just a regular bath fizzer

Adds a silky richness to the bath water with a subtle creamy foam.

Get in touch to buy shampoo in bulk and captivate your customers

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We’re not ones to water things down at Bath, Bubble & Beyond, so we’ll just say it how it is. We’re a wholesaler hell-bent on building a fair and sustainable bathing experience. There, we said it. We believe our fantastic selection of fizzy, fragrant and fun products should be easy to obtain – and quick to sell – for you, the retailer.

So why not go with the flow and buy shampoo in bulk so you can offer all your customers will ever need to relax and unwind?

Based in Poole, Dorset, we specialise in creating and manufacturing Soap, Shampoo Bars, Bath Bombs and more. Our assortment of wholesale bath and body products uses the finest ingredients – all made by us in the UK. This way, we can ensure that our products are free from animal testing (it’s not valid or even necessary) and won’t be awash with any slippery price tags. Your feedback is always warmly welcomed by our team. If you would like to talk to us about any requirements or have any burning questions about our products and services, we would love to hear from you.

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Our phone lines are open Mon – Fri (9am-5pm)


+44 (0) 1202 625400

Bath, Bubble & Beyond’s Guarantees

All our eco-friendly products are made right here in the UK

Our goods AREN’T tested on animals (it’s not valid or necessary)

Our bubbles contain only the finest possible ingredients

Our bath products are easy to obtain and quick to sell for retailers

We select quality fragrances for all to embrace and enjoy

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