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All products available only to our UK customers
All products available only to our UK customers

Christmas Bath Bombs

Keep reading for our SUD-sational Christmas bath bomb try out!

If you’re obsessed with Christmas bath bombs like us, you’re in luck.

Here at Bath, Bubble and Beyond, we’ve made it our business to help run your fingers through glittering fizzers as they spin and look oh-so-gorgeous. To help whet your appetite, we’re going to do a Christmas bath bomb trial. So, we’re super excited for these, as some are prototypes that might not even hit the shelves! Now, without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

So we’re now all set up. We’ve got everything we need and a big bowl full of warm water for the Christmas bath bombs.

The benefits of buying Christmas bath bombs

Take a soak in and take advantage of the essential oils to de-stress

Lets you take control your time and your thoughts alone. Perfect

Essential oils and salts offer the ultimate Christmassy SPA experience

They’re good for the environment, handmade and fun to use

Emollients and softeners help moisturise and indulge your skin

How do our testers think these prototype Christmas bath bombs fair?

From the downright Christmassy, to the floral, fruity and bizarrely tropical spa product.

At Bath, Bubble and Beyond, our testers are on hand to ensure that only the best Christmas bath bombs are dispatched to the public. They do this so that your clients can get some fun parent-child bonding moments at bath time. Our brightly coloured, non-toxic bath bombs are perfect for Christmas and promise a jolly good bathtime!

The Christmas Surprise Christmas bath bomb

Featuring a Christmas squishy toy inside – a penguin, a snowman, or a Christmas tree.

We think that’s cool and is great for kids. They’ll be able to open it up and use their Christmas bath bomb, and then when their bath is over, they’ll still have something they can play with. It’s a pleasant little surprise inside for them. Okay, so before we can use it, we’ll have to open it up first. We hold our hands up – it’s challenging to get out of its pocket, and it feels peculiar. It feels crumbly, although it genuinely smells like we’ve just walked into a perfume shop. That’s what your bathroom will smell like, folks! So, we’re going to put the first one in. We didn’t know what this would be like, but this one smells fantastic. So, we’ve just dipped the bottom, and it’s doing an outstanding job so far. We can see already that it’s starting to fizz. So we’re just going to submerge it and see what happens . . . it’s got such an excellent fizz to it. Like, it’s appropriately fizzing and going for it, and it’s changing the colour of the water. So, we’re just going to leave it for a minute and then we’re going to have a little play and see what it’s like. We can hear it fizzing away, and it’s getting quite crazy already. In our experience from testing competitors, we’ve found that quite a lot of cheap bath bombs aren’t the best for fizzing. They just float and then sink, and that’s kind of it. So, we’ll have a little fish around and see how it’s doing. It looks . . . spiky? It looks icy and strange, but we can see how the red’s taken over this.

So we’re just going to dip it a little bit and play with it while it’s fizzing. Okay, it’s going for it!

A lot of cheap alternatives don’t so we may be onto a winner here. Now, the whites faded, and the reds turned orange-red. It kind of looks like strawberry juice or passionfruit or grapefruit juice. So, we’ll leave that in for a minute, and then we’ll come back to it very soon. So it’s currently smelling honestly incredible. It smells so good, and now we can see more of the white coming out of it, and the red’s starting to fade a bit. It’s more blending into the white. The water looks so red, and you can see the kind of mystery prize is now starting to reveal itself there. So, we’ll try to pick away at it a little bit so we can get to it. Now that the side has broken away, we’re not going to lie; it’s a lot smaller than we thought it would be. Oh! That’s because it’s wrapped up.

So, we’ve just left this Christmas bath bomb. It looks a bit circular now, but we’ll leave it to do its own thing. Honestly, it’s still fizzing like crazy.

We can see on the sides where the white is starting to kind of appear. Now, it’s getting a bit lighter and having unwrapped our squishy; this is the little surprise thing you get on the inside. We feel like a child again. It feels like silicone. So, this is what we got – a cute little Christmas tree. It probably needs flattening out a bit from being stuck in there, but it’s so so cute, and it feels so squishy. It’s like a stress reliever. It feels so squishy and cool. So, we’ll let him sit in there for a bit, and we’ll check on the bathroom again. So it’s pretty much done now. It’s going to fizzle away, but we were thoroughly impressed by the reaction.

Snowy dream giant Christmas bath bomb

At 500 grams, this is so heavy for a bath bomb.

It is massive and gives off MAJOR God is a woman vibes from the Ariana Grande video. Honestly, it is just so gorgeous. We want to know what it smells like. See, this one doesn’t feel as crumbly as the other. It’s smooth and is kind of like if you put your finger on concrete – that’s what this one feels like. The other one was so crumbly. It’d be interesting to see the actual difference between the prices and quality of Christmas bath bombs, but that’s for another day! So this is double-wrapped, which is why we’re finding it so difficult to get into. It doesn’t smell of much. It smells floral, like flowers, but it doesn’t smell that strong. Maybe a bit of lavender? We’re not sure. It kind of smells a bit like kitchen products? You know, like the stuff you put in the washing machine. It kind of smells a bit like that. So, we’ve got our bowl ready for this next Christmas bath bomb. Now, we’ve tried to fill the bowl a little less high, but we feel like it will end up overflowing or going everywhere anyway. Still, let’s go for it.

Oh my god, it’s fizzing like crazy already! Like, it’s only just started, and it’s already fizzing like crazy! We’re just going to . . . oh my god, the colours in that bowl already!

So we’re going to submerge it and see what happens. We think this is going to look gorgeous. Oh my god, it’s touching the bottom, and the top is still poking out. Wow, it smells charming. It does smell flowery. So it’s been fizzing for quite a while now. It isn’t easy to see, but the water’s surface is gorgeous. It’s like a lavender shade, but this is what the Christmas bath bomb looks like now. It’s been fizzing for about five minutes now, and there’s still so much left. We actually can’t believe how much is left. We think the colours would turn out so much more gorgeous if we did it in an actual bath, but this is one we’ll buy for ourselves. With some Christmas bath bombs, you end up putting them in the tub, but they fizzle out way too fast, and it’s kind of over before it’s already started. So, we do really like this one.

We’ll let it continue and keep fizzing for a while and then see what it looks like in a little bit.

It’s feeling quite like hollow now. Like, if you knock on it or tap on it at all, it feels hollow. Plus, this colour comes out like an intense burgundy shade and is gorgeous. It’s also starting to smell nicer. The more it fizzes, the nicer it smells. We like this kind of corally pink colour on the top here. We think that this is a gorgeous Christmas bath bomb. We’re glad we were allowed to test this one as we think it looks so pretty. So, we’re
going to leave it for a little bit without touching, and see what happens . . . So, this Christmas bath bomb is taking so long to disintegrate and get smaller. It’s honestly still massive. So, we love this one and are so glad we got to test this one. We think this one is such a success. Yes, you can buy cheap Christmas bath bombs, but this is superior quality.

Christmas in the Bahamas Christmas bath bomb

A tropically-themed Christmas bath bomb which is the cheapest of the three.

Honestly, we’ve been intrigued about this one because we don’t know if it’ll be any good or not. This was one of our more experimental products, so we’re intrigued to see what this one looks like. Again, it’s tightly wrapped, but we feel it must be to preserve the fragrance. This one smells just like the last, but we think it will have a good smell. We like the colours on this, especially the green. That green is lovely. So, we’re pretty interested to see what this is like. Okay, we think this isn’t going to be the most successful because we just dunked it in a little bit, and it’s not fizzing. It’s just slowly fizzing. Like, it’s not fizzing anywhere near as much as the last ones were. Most of it comes off as pink but does smell nice and refreshing. Okay, it’s fizzing rather slowly, so it’s not the best Christmas bath bomb.

It’s just giving off a bit of a pink tinge, so as testers, we wouldn’t recommend this one reaches the dispatch phase.

It’s also coming up with weird, strange lines on it. Plus, it’s not fizzing that well at all. We’ll be honest; we’re not a fan of this one. The colours come off nicely as soon as you put it in the water, but when it’s just sat in the water, no colours come off – it just kind of sits there. We don’t know. We’ve got to be honest, and we’re not that impressed. It does smell nice, but we’re really not impressed. It’s starting to fizz more at the bottom now, but we did have to pick up that a bit then and play with it. So, we’ll leave that for a minute – just to see what happens and see if it gets any better. So it’s coming off a bit more with the colour now, but it looks like a gross soup. The pink’s coming off at this side, and the green’s coming off a bit more this side, then it’s just swishing into a bit of a big soup. It’s not doing a lot. Plus, we’re not sure if it’s giving off any scents? We can smell something, but we’re not sure if it’s this one or a gingerbread bath bomb prototype that we’re yet to do. We think it must be the gingerbread bath bomb.

So this one doesn’t even smell all that great at all. It just doesn’t smell much, but we’ll leave it for a bit longer and see if it gets any better.

So the colour on this one hasn’t improved. It’s fizzing more now than before, but we thought that’s because it’s broken down a lot more. It’s not doing much. It’s just fizzing a bit. It’s definitely a bath fizzer, and it’s not the worst one we’ve ever trialled, but we’re certainly not happy with it. We’re not all that impressed. We’re taking the Christmas bath bomb out and want to assess its appearance after it’s been dunked. It’s strange and gives us the kind of vibes of fingernails varnish? It’s like chrome and almost looks chameleon in style. So, when you look at different angles, it’s different colours, but it’s mainly pink with a tinge of green. However, you can’t see through it. It kind of looks like jelly; it’s bizarre, to be honest!

Sound familiar?

Generally speaking, there are TWO kinds of baths. The first is functional – no matter our age, we ALL need to clean ourselves. The second is sensational – we clamour for experiences. Yet, nobody is perfect – literally.

No matter your body type, we all face layers of coarse, rough skin. So, why should we have to choose between cleanliness or pampering? Unwinding at the end of a long day with a bath instead of a rushed shower is ALWAYS a great idea!

Once lathered up with bathwater, our Christmas bath bombs discharge emollients that loosen damaged layers of skin. Basking in a tub full of these hydrating oils will leave you feeling soft, supple and silky smooth.

What are Christmas bath bombs?

They make for the perfect stocking filler!

With Christmas heading our way before we know it, our elves have been busy preparing our stash of Christmas bath bombs. Now, we’re BIG fans of the gentle build-up. You know, the gradual introduction of a bit of music here, a dash of spice there, and a flick through a magazine brimming with Christmas cheer. But our Christmas bath bombs make the BEST gifts for family and friends, so be sure to stock your stores with as many as possible.

Each one is beautifully fragranced. Some are shaped like cute little Christmas trees, and others feature more glitter than you can shake your tail feather at!

Our Christmas bath bombs are sure to put a smile on your face or the face of a friend or loved one. They make for great ‘Secret Santa’ gifts and are easy to use (and clean up)! Simply drop your Christmas bath bomb into a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes away. As it does, your customers will enjoy its release of perfumes and essential oils while the bicarbonate of soda softens the water. We recommend rinsing your bath well after use.

Our bestselling bath bombs for kids

Allo-saurus Dinosaur Bath Fizzer


Have fun with our fun-tastic dinosaur fizzer. Watch him disappear as he dissolves into the bathtub!

Egg-o-saurous Novelty Egg Bath Fizzers


Bath time is more egg-citing with these bath eggs. Packaging is plastic-free and totally recyclable!

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