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All products available only to our UK customers
All products available only to our UK customers

Hand Soap Bar

Why is the common hand soap bar better than the dispenser?

Gather round gents as we discuss the pros and cons of each cleaning product.

All right, gentlemen, serious question for you. Are you a hand soap bar or a soap dispenser kind of guy? Okay, you can scream at the screen all you like, but this would work better if we went through the pros and cons of each and determined the winner. To clarify, the winner we choose is our personal preference. However, we want to lay out enough information so you can go out there and try a soap dispenser or a hand soap bar because we men are creatures of habit. We often do the same thing repeatedly – but we wanted to challenge the status quo. We were hoping you could think about this and consider why you use what you use. It might feel like something so simple, but you could depend on it for 10-20 years without realising there’s a better product for you.

All right, gentlemen. Let’s start this comparison and talk about your hand bar soap. So, why, for thousands of years, has this thus been the go-to cleansing device for human beings worldwide?

Reason #1 | Economical
It’s simple – it’s because it’s long-lasting and economical. Think about it. There’s no waste here. When you go to wash, you add a little bit of water to your skin, and you scrub your palms only as much as you need. Unless you leave the water running, the whole bar will be ready for subsequent use. And hand soap bars are going to last again and again. So, by simply omitting the water, you have a concentrated rectangle of cleaning power – boom! You’ve everything you need right here.
Reason #2 | Cleanliness
It’s far better at doing its primary job: removing dirt, odours, and oils. A hand soap bar can do this because they come in a wide variety. We have antibacterial ones and ones that use harsher chemicals. However, it would be best to be careful with hand soap bars, especially harsher ones, as they’re designed for the hands, not necessarily the whole body. If anyone ever used a soap made for removing tough grime, then tried using it on your body, you know that’s not necessarily the best thing. That said, they’re pretty awesome when it comes down to removing dirt.
Reason #3 | Environmentally friendly
Soap is typically found wrapped in paper or cardboard, as opposed to a soap dispenser which is a plastic container.
Reason #4 | Sensitivity
There’s a wide variety of fragrances and fragrance-free soaps out there. The latter is great if you’re prone to being sensitive to this or that, whether you get a rash or are allergic to certain things. For this reason alone, you’re going to find that a simple soap will be your best option.
Reason #5 | Single Source
And the final reason why the hand soap bar should come out on top, gentlemen, is simple. You don’t need a loofah, nor do you need a washcloth. All you need is this bar of soap. Sure, it’s a hand soap bar, but nothing says you cannot use it to wash your hair. Heck, you can clean every part of your body with this, and scrubbing it right next to your skin, gets the job done.

The benefits of using a hand soap bar

Economical – it’s a long-lasting concentrated rectangle of cleaning power

Clean – Far better at doing its primary job of removing dirt, odours, and oils

Environmentally friendly – unlike dispensers, typically comes in paper or cardboard

Sensitive – it’s nice to smell nice, but no-so nice when it comes at a price!

Single source – other than water, you don’t need any accessories

How does body wash contend with a hand soap bar?

Here are 5 reasons why body washes might be better . . .

Alright, gents, we’ve laid out our case for the humble hand soap bar. Now, let’s talk about soap dispenses. Actually, let’s go one step FURTHER. Let’s discuss body wash. The last decade has seen these things EXPLODE on the market. Now, why are most men into body wash? Why do they prefer it when it seems like a hand soap bar will be more economical? Well, we’ve got five reasons for you right here.

Reason #1 | A better moisturiser
So, it turns out that many body washes use moisturising ingredients that will not dry out the skin. Alternatively, soap bars, especially those designed more so for the hands, will dry out your skin.
Reason #2 | Gentler on the skin
So, we discussed that a hand soap bar’s primary purpose is to remove oils, odours, dirt, and all that stuff. However, you don’t always want to remove all those oils from your skin. If you like to shower multiple times a day, it can dry out your skin. So, simply having something that’s made more for the body and not necessarily the hands will be gentler and, therefore, better.
Reason #3 | It's more sanitary
So, anyone who has lived with roommates is more than aware of this. You know, the fear of going to use your hand soap bar on your face, only to find certain hairs there . . . only, you don’t recall those hairs being there, and you’ve got two or three other roommates . . . worse yet, you’ve got NO IDEA who’s been using your stuff. Guys, when it comes to body washes, you pour out what you need to use, and boom! The rest of it is kept right there, with no stray hairs.
Reason #4 | Aromatherapy
Let’s discuss the power of fragrance and the power of smell. We’ve discussed this countless times before about how it can have a calming effect. It can get you more in tune with what you’re going to do. But, if you’re taking a 15-30-minute hot shower, you want to enjoy the experience and almost have like a spa experience. And you can do that with specific body washes that are made to smell great, and there are so many different options out there, so definitely try it.
Reason #5 | Travel-friendly
Finally, gentlemen, the knockout blow on why should you choose a body wash over a hand soap bar is this: it’s easier to grab on the go. Think about that slippery wet hand soap bar in the bathroom. You know, the one you’re set to leave unattended for a couple of days? You’re staying over at a friend’s place and don’t have a place to put that. So, you’ve got to find some napkins, or maybe you’ve got a soap holder, but even then, you know, you’re grabbing last minute you’ve got to wash your hands. With body wash? You just grab and you go.

Okay. So, which one ended up on top? Gentlemen, before we reveal the answer, we want to hear from you in the contact form below. Are you a bar of soap guy or a body wash guy? Which would you prefer to buy in bulk? Now, a little bit of drum roll here please . . . *rat-at-at-at-at-at-at-at-at*

Okay, so we’re a hand soap bar kind of guy, guys. This is simply what we’re used to!

We love a good body wash, but when it comes down to it, we love how simple, economical and – well – we’re just creatures of habit. Yes, even though we’ve tried body washes – and they’re an excellent option for some people – but really hand soap bars work for us.

Sound familiar?

Generally speaking, there are TWO kinds of baths. The first is functional – no matter our age, we ALL need to clean ourselves. The second is sensational – we clamour for experiences. Yet, nobody is perfect – literally.

No matter your body type, we all face layers of coarse, rough skin. So, why should we have to choose between cleanliness or pampering? Unwinding at the end of a long day with a bath instead of a rushed shower is ALWAYS a great idea!

Once lathered up with bathwater, hand soap bars discharge emollients that loosen damaged layers of skin. Basking in a tub full of these hydrating oils will leave you feeling soft, supple and silky smooth.

What so special about our hand soap bars?

Lather up with our deeply moisturizing and nourishing handmade soaps!

If you’re team soap, you’re in luck. We know that life is tough on our hands, primarily due to all that additional washing and sanitation. That’s why we’ve opened the doors for retailers to shop from our simple little soapy pleasures range. Our stock of exfoliating hand soap bars will revitalise your shower routine and cleanse, moisturise and soften your skin. Our natural vegan hand soap bars let you clean your skin without compromising your values.

Masterfully crafted in England from the finest ingredients, Bath, Bubble & Beyond hand soap bars can be found in some of the UK’s best stores.

Our artisan hand soap bars are packed with organic extracts which gently cleanse the skin without drying it out. Each is beautifully made from fine ingredients and looks and smells stunning against the skin. Perfect for all skin types, these soap bars are unique in their soft, creamy and delicate textures. Plus, each has special properties relating to its infusion of essential oils and other natural ingredients. All so you can leave the loo with your hands feeling clean, nourished and smelling oh-so fragrant.

Our hand soap bar range

Hand Soap Bar

Body Soaps

Cleanse, deodorise and exfoliate hard-working hands.

Stay smelling fresh all day long with unique, high-quality body soap.

Hand Soap Bar

Hand Care Soaps

Cleanses and leaves a lasting fresh fragrance.

Specialist hand soaps for the hardest working hands.

Soap Cakes

Crafted by hand.

Soaked in special fragrance-filled moisturising glycerine soap.

Soap Loaves

Hand poured.

A rainbow of designs with a multitude of unforgettable fragrances.

Get in touch with the best hand soap bar suppliers in town and captivate your customers

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We’re not ones to water things down at Bath, Bubble & Beyond, so we’ll just say it how it is. We’re a wholesaler hell-bent on building a fair and sustainable bathing experience. There, we said it. We believe our fantastic selection of fizzy, fragrant and fun products should be easy to obtain – and quick to sell – for you, the retailer.

So why not go with the flow, contact our hand soap bar suppliers and stock your store with everything your customers need to relax and unwind.

Based in Poole, Dorset, we specialise in creating and manufacturing Soap, Shampoo Bars, Bath Bombs and more. Our assortment of wholesale bath and body products uses the finest ingredients – all made by us in the UK. This way, we can ensure that our products are free from animal testing (it’s not valid or even necessary) and won’t be awash with any slippery price tags. Your feedback is always warmly welcomed by our team. If you would like to talk to us about any requirements or have any burning questions about our products and services, we would love to hear from you.

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