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All products available only to our UK customers

Increase Your Sales with 3 Simple Methods

by | Nov 30, 2022

Starting your own brand is hard – especially in a market like cosmetics. You’ve worked really hard to get yourself a stock – planned out your range meticulously and your Bath, Bubble and Beyond products are on their way to you ready for you to market and sell. So how do you increase sales for your business?

As is the case with many stores – you and the product probably aren’t the issue. It’s impossible to predict how many people will see your products and choose to buy them, humans are just too unpredictable. But we can make educated guesses and put things in place to maximise your potential sales after your store has launched.

Number 1 – Product Photography

A flatlay image of your product on a white background is an important part of your product listing. But don’t leave it at that. Grab some friends or family members and take some photos of the products in different scenarios. They don’t have to involve expensive models, camera equipment or staging, just grab your phone and give your customers some unique imagery.

Grab some inexpensive props (fruit works very well) and produce some lifestyle photography that you can use to spruce up your website – stock imagery is great, but its your own tailored photography that will fit with your brand and really resonate with your customers and help increase your sales.

For brick and mortar stores, try and revamp your approach to merchandising. Product photography plays a more subdued part in physical stores, so optimising the way your customers see products on shelf is an inexpensive way of improving your stores consumer experience. One popular method, using a high sell through rate product from Bath, Bubble & Beyond, involves pick n mix sweet stands – and using them to display our mix and match bath marbles. Your customers can enjoy a fragrant section of your store, and access a truly tailored gifting option where the options for bespoke scent combinations are limitless.


Number 2 – Additional Content

It’s not enough to just sell products anymore. What else can you provide for your customer to help them extract the most value from them? It could be a blog detailing the best bathscapes for your customers to try at home or a video with frequently asked questions to give customers new and exciting ways to use your products.

One of the best ways to find new content to create is to see what trends are out on social media – try entering #bathscaping in TikTok for a current trend that’s provided us with a bunch of inspiration.

Try offering samples or cross sells within your brick-and-mortar business if you have less of an online presence. Prepare tins of Gardeners Hand Cream to upsell alongside your Gardeners Hand Soap, or offer a free or discounted conditioner bar alongside the matching shampoo bar to expose your audience to new and exciting products that you know they’ll benefit from.


Number 3 – Variate Your Selling Channels

Increasing your sell-through rate requires good marketing, but fundamentally it requires you to put your products in front of as many people as possible. Having an all bells all whistles website is great – but are people finding it organically?

Putting your products on to other selling channels like Etsy and Amazon are relatively cheap (or free in some cases) and go a long way towards putting your products in front of new audiences organically. Instagram has a shop section in which you can advertise your products, and all of these channels can be linked back to your website.

For physical store locations, why not try setting up an online channel? A website can be inexpensive to set up and run, and website builders such as Squarespace are both easy to learn and incredibly user friendly. You’ll reap the rewards of a physical location where customers can come and explore your products in detail. On the other hand, having a website gives you access to a wide range of audience types you may not have crossed paths with previously.

You’re creating an ecosystem of channels – putting them in front of as many people as possible and giving yourself the best chance to sell to the people that can really benefit from what you sell.

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