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All products available only to our UK customers

Make The Switch To Solid Shampoo

How solid shampoo bars can align with your brand

by | Nov 30, 2022

Solid soap and shampoo bars are back in the limelight – and its a perfect time for your business to capitalise on this new cultural view towards soap bars. Long gone are the days of slimy pucks sticking to your basin – now we’re all about natural ingredients, zero plastic and a handful of safe synthetics. 

Our shampoo bars were designed to help combat the signs of hair wear and tear. Blonde Ambition will help freshen up golden tones, Sink Or Swim is the budding young swimmers first line of defence against chlorine and pool chemicals, while I Should Cocoa is your one-size-fits all maintenance soap for hair as silky smooth as chocolate. Yum. 

But for your business, shampoo bars represent a new way to diversify your product offering, and you’ll have access to products that will affect meaningful change. Here’s why we think shampoo bars are here to stay.


Zero Plastic Waste

A new report estimates that the global beauty industry produces more than 120 million units of packaging each year, and packaging accounts for 70% of the industry’s waste. This problem is compounded by the short lifespan of many bottled products, with shower gel bottles lasting for around 2 weeks (depending on how frequent you’re showering….) before needing to be thrown away. Some shower gels are also using microplastics like beads and glitter within their formulas. When you shower with these products, the micro-plastics are washed down the drain and enter marine ecosystems – worsening water quality and endangering marine life.

Shampoo bars represent a move away from these single use plastics and should produce zero waste from use. Our shampoo bars are packaged up in fully recyclable cardboard sleeves and with proper storage can last just as long as bottled gels and creams.

Harsh Chemical Content

Modern shower gels are often packed with chemicals designed to strip dirt and vigorously clean your skin, but for those with sensitive skin and hair, these gels can leave you feeling dry, itchy and irritated.

Our shampoo bars are more focused on natural ingredients, supplemented with safe synthetics when necessary. Science backed organics such as coconut oil and real lemon juice steer away from harsh chemicals that increase pH levels and strip your hair of moisture – in fact, most shower gels and shampoo are classified as detergent by regulatory bodies. Great for your laundry, not so great for your hair and scalp.


Shampoo bars are travel friendly, take up less space in the bathroom and are all-round easier to use in a slippery environment. Liquid limits for flights and other modes of travel mean shower gels often can’t see the sights with you – for frequent travellers, this means a new bottle of shower gel in every destination. Or one handy solid shampoo bar.

These bars will also take up less space in your suitcase or your bathroom. On average these shampoo bars will last just as long as a bottled shower gel, but at half the size and weight, this represents a signifcant improvement in portability and travel friendliness.

As with any new cosmetic product, your consumers will pick what product works for them. But as we learn more about the benefits of solid shampoo bars expect more customers to make the switch.

No matter what niche your store sits in, our shampoo bars will help to brighten and diversify your product offering. When we firts released these bars a few years ago, they represented 5 of our top 10 best selling products. With a highly anticipated re-release on the horizon, you can be among the first businesses to capitalise.

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