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All products available only to our UK customers
All products available only to our UK customers

Wholesale Bath Bombs

The basics of baking wholesale bath bombs

Have a little fun with your little’uns, courtesy of Bath, Bubble & Beyond.

Baking wholesale bath bombs from scratch is a super fun and experimental process. We feel like we’re some sort of mad scientist when we rock up to our batches in the kitchen. Plus, it’s a GREAT way for our staff to spend time with each other in a creative environment. So we thought – to hell with it – why don’t we show shops how they can take it at home with their friends and families?

Wholesale bath bombs are just amazing

whether they’re plain and simple, or sparkly and spectacular, you know they’ll be great.

Have a little fun with your little’uns, courtesy of Bath, Bubble & Beyond.

Step #1 | The Ingredients
First, we start with your workspace. We recommend having one that’s a complete and utter MESS because if it’s not, none of the following will work (we kid). Okay, so what we’re making is considered a double batch and the ingredients list we have at hand is TOP SECRET. However . . . we can tell you that we throw together some baking soda, some citric acid, cornflour, Epsom salt, water, olive oil, optional fragrance and a colorant of your choice. You’ll also need a mixing bowl, a whisk, a mould and a sense of silliness.
Step #2 | Afraid to get wet?

Okay, so here is our water, we already have it ready to go in our mixing bowl here, and that’s going to be our liquid (trust us, it’s not frozen). Ignore the big messy dry bundle beside it. Our team have already been making some today, which is why our workstation is just a bit of disaster right now. We’ve opted NOT to show you an in-depth look at the process behind our wholesale bath bombs for this very reason (well, this and trade secrets).


If you don’t have any coffee, we suggest you go ahead and get yourself a cuppa because you’re going to need it (but keep it well away from everything when you’re mixing). Right, let’s get to it.

Step #3 | The Mess Begins
Now we take our Epsom salt and add some citric acid. Citric acid can be really hard to find in regular stores. If you’re interested in attempting a fun DIY batch with your little’uns, we suggest buying online. As a wholesaler, we buy in bulk, but this might not be the most convenient thing for Ma and Pa to be pulling alongside the weekly groceries . . . So, with the two combined, you want to pour it in the general direction of the bowl – some of it is bound to go in, but it will go here, there and everywhere! There we go; it doesn’t have to be perfect measurements (although we measure things to a tee, obviously), just don’t overflow it.
Step #4 | Another One Bites the Dust
Here we take the corn flour, and that’s going to create quite a bit of dust, so you might want to wear a mask over your face. We’ll use extraction fans and general things to help with ventilation. Last but not least, we add baking soda to the mix, and there we have it; our dry ingredients are nestled together in the bowl. However, we’ve yet to turn this into our wholesale bath bombs, so what you now want to do is you want to try and get rid of some of those clumps. The real question is – how?
Step #5 | Push it Real Good

It’s pretty simple; we mosey on over to the Epson salt and baking soda and just kind of push it all down with the tip of our little whisk here. Now, you want to try and create as little dust as possible (more dust in the air means less care for your customers). So, we’ll carefully mix it before liquefying it a wee bit more. Now, we need to grab our olive oil and the fragrance oil of your choice. Being the bombastic company we are, we only select the most heavenly of scents (we know, we’re pretty great like that).


Be VERY careful when using fragrances. Sometimes, when you pour it, it wants to drip down the side of the bottle (like it’s doing right now, eurgh). The trouble is if you set that on a nice surface, the fragrance oil will eat through that surface because it’s not COMPLETELY mixed with water. So for any DIY folk out there, act like us – be very careful with that and keep it in a special spot, somewhere where it can’t hurt anyone with its scandalous scents.

Step #6 | Colour us intrigued
Now, the mixture for our wholesale bath bombs should be just that bit more liquidier. However, a big part of the fun with bath bombs is the dynamic range of colours you can infuse them with. For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to use a turquoise colour but the colour and fragrance is basically always at your discretion. Just remember the darker your colouring, the more of a dazzlingly pop you’ll get. We tend to opt for a soap dye but you can also use food colouring. You can use either but you’ll get better colours with the soap dye. Okay, so a couple of drops; and remember this is a double batch I’m making, which means I’m going to come away with a lot
Step #7 | I Like the Way you Work it
So, let’s go ahead and mix this up – even if it is kind of impossible. It won’t want to mix at all – it practically looks like a bubbly mist – but when we put it in this, it just kind of comes out awesome. It might not yet look like much of a colour at all, but once we mix these up the smell will REALLY hit you. Also, when it comes to the food colouring, you don’t have to worry about staining your tub because it’s diluted in so much water. We weigh this up depending on the size of our wholesale bath bombs.

For example, if we are making big wholesale bath bombs we might ease up on the colour and make it a lighter tone. But the mixing is the fun part, especially if you’re doing it by yourself because you’re REALLY going to be working the mixture. If you have two people making this, it’s best to have one mixing and one pouring just a little bit of colouring. You do not want to pour all this in your mixture at once or else you’re going to have a BIG volcano.

Okay, so we’ll get this underway. The powder will go away in just a little bit but that’s why it’s important to have a fan on just a little bit at a time to ensure you get some air circulation. Now you have to vigorously mix this or it’s just going to turn into a foam – which is not what you want. Your hands and arms will get extremely tired but the result of our wholesaler bath bombs is well worth it. Here, you’ll see the colour pigmentation – in our case that light turquoise – start to shine through and this will turn darker in due course.

Step #8 | Time to Clean

Go away and wash your hands, ensuring they are nice and clean because we’re going to put some rubber gloves on. Hang about – you might be wondering why we NOW need to put rubber gloves on? Well . . .

    1. Some people’s skin reacts with citric acid when it’s in its dry state.
    2. The colorant can stain fingers because you’re using it in a concentrated form.
    3. You might have a skin reaction to the fragrance oil as it’s in a non-dry state.

Once the wholesale bath bombs are dry and everything – it should be no problem. Even if they’re not dry, you can kind of pick it up and move it if you want, but its best just to cover your bases and put on some rubber gloves.

Step #9 | Under Pressure

Now we take our mould. It could be a Saturn mould, a flying saucer mould – or whatever you like – but we strongly recommend using a metal mould. Moulds behave very differently so, depending on which you use, some of the moulds might break, or the lip that holds them together might snap off. But you might be wondering how it holds together? Well, it may as well be magic (okay, it’s more akin to science), but it’s all about pressure.

So, let’s take our mould here, and you want to get a rounded spoon. Okay, we scoop the mixture in, and this stuff will get ALL OVER THE PLACE – so just expect that. Remember, if it’s not getting all over the place, you’re not doing it right. Now what we do is we hold the mould and push it down in the middle of the mixture with the spoon. It will take a lot of strength to do this, and the mixture will spill over the sides – that’s fine – be gentle yet firm.

Having compacted it around the sides of these metal moulds, you’re going to want to overflow it. With that side of the mould done, set it down in the bowl and move onto the next side. Then, with both sides done, what we’re going to do is quickly – very quickly – smack it together and hold that pressure. As you’re holding that pressure, you’re going to do a little twist and squeeze – keeping the seam of the moulds lined up as best you can. You have to apply lots of pressure to this; otherwise, your wholesale bath bomb will crumble when you take it out. To ensure it stays squeezed together, get a rubber band to hold it in place and set it aside.

Step #10 | Wholesale Bath Bombs & The Leftovers
More often than not, we’ll have some leftovers that won’t quite be enough to pack into a mould. To get around this, our team make double batches of double batches. So we’ll simply repeat the process with another batch of the same fragrance and colouring. The advantage of doing this is that you don’t have to dispose of it. You could keep it bagged up and sealed, so it stays moist and add that to something else and get a mixed fragrance.

Either way, we don’t like waste, so you could use it for something else and create a prototype of sorts. Mix it with some other wholesale bath bombs and put it with another batch of the same or make a bath fizzers. The latter is REALLY cool. Just wait ’til the tub is full, and then you sprinkle the leftover fizzers over the top. The water surface turns into this bubbling cauldron – like we said, it’s REALLY cool. If you are doing this, set it out in a bowl to dry just like the wholesale bath bombs.

Now for the finished result! When you take them out of the mould to dry you want to let them sit in for a good hour-or-so. Two hours is pushing it because it might stick to the mould. So one hour in the mould, then very carefully take it out one side at a time. Use your spoon to tap on the top of the mould to release the bomb. If it’s a little stuck, you could let it sit in half of the mould to dry and then an hour or so later reverse the side that is sitting in – that’s fine, but it won’t get you bathing any sooner! And voilà, we’re done!

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